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I’m Dajulyn Chanel Wallace


A multi-talented vocalist, actress, and songwriter who has a true passion for creating music and acting. She discovered her love for singing at age four; and has since written many songs, recorded sensational music and performed on stages throughout the country. She is an avid lyricist with a keen ability to create ageless music. Her devotion to artistry has been seen through development and releasing of numerous mixtapes. At age 11, Dajulyn recorded her first song titled, “Get Up.” This was the introduction to her musical career. She enjoys singing gospel, hip hop, R&B and pop music. Dajulyn has performed in musicals such as Spamalot, Miss Saigon, and The Music Man. Her gift to perform has been a perfect blend between music and acting. She performs for churches, universities, special programs and through her DaeTV channel on YouTube. Currently, she is in the studio perfecting her craft and working with artist, J-Stylz from Blackstreet. In 2009, Dajulyn recorded three songs titled, “Summertime,” “Selfish,” and “Sing Your Song”. These were all singles that catapulted her love for writing music. During the recording process, Dajulyn co-wrote two of the songs. She was so intrigued with the process that she immediately grew a passion for writing her own music. Her talents have given her an outlet to expand lyrically and creatively. In addition to making singles, Dajulyn enjoys singing and performing with other artists. She teamed up with Julius Gayles (Jabar) to write, perform and release 16 songs. Through this collaboration, it allowed her to test and enhance her vocal range. The duo created a mixtape titled “DJ Play My Song”. They distributed this project throughout the local market and received rave reviews. Dajulyn has created music to uplift and encourage. Throughout her musical career, she has performed on many stages, including opening for gospel star, John P. Kee. This was a great feat, as she grew up singing in church and has always enjoyed songs by this artist. Her strong appreciation for various genres of music has been beneficial. As a freshman at the College of Charleston, she joined an acapella group, called The Chucktown Trippintones. This was an experience that helped her to grow personally and as an artist. Dajulyn is passionate about helping others, especially the youth. She desires to develop a “Free Your Mind” campaign to empower young people and to remind them to stay focused and encouraged. As a talented and caring performer, she enjoys giving back, writing lyrics that inspire and perfecting her craft. Dajulyn is a versatile artist who is dedicated to artistry and creating memorable music.